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Coast magazine article now published

February 9, 2011

The article written on the weekend of the Swale Barge Match last August is now out in the March issue of Coast. Lovely picture of the Colin Frake and others working on the Quay.

We now have a link to the e petition at the top right hand corner of this page if you wish to sign it. When you click the link the text of the petition is there to read before you sign. Please make sure you open the confirmation email you get from Swale after signing as your name won’t be added until you do this. I have heard that the site is not accepting signatures from abroad so we are working on alternative ways for our overseas supporters to register interest, but in the first instance, please subscribe to this blog for regular updates, and also, if you wish, to the e newsletter (click on the button on the right of this screen or the link in an earlier post below) to make sure you keep up to date with the campaign.

The ePetition is Live!

February 7, 2011

The ePetition to Save Standard Quay as a Working Boatyard is now live and can be signed (should you wish to do so). Click here.

It would be great to let Swale know just how much support there is to make sure we keep traditional skills and real jobs on Faversham Creek.

New trailer for quay film

February 3, 2011

The trailer for the film The Quay has been updated and includes some lovely shots of the creek as it was in the past. It is striking how it is still used today as it always has been. Jobs have always been created in Faversham by vessels arriving up the Creek. We need real local jobs even more with international companies like Pfizer upping sticks and going elsewhere. Properly managed, the Creek can provide them.

E petition submitted to Swale

January 31, 2011

The epetition has been submitted to Swale Borough Council. The statement we have asked them to support is reproduced below. We don’t have a link to it for signatures yet, but according to the instructions on the Council site, the Petitions Officer will contact me in the coming two days to confirm that we wish to make the petition active. Information about Swale’s epetition procedure is here:

As soon as we have a link for signatures, we will post it here or it will be the first thing on the e-newsletter. If you wish to sign up for this see link above in the picture or click here.


Faversham Creek has been a centre for ship building and repair for more than 300 years. In recent years Standard Quay has regenerated the heritage, skills and apprentice training of Faversham’s maritime craftsmen. It is the last stronghold of traditional barges in the South East of England.

Standard Quay, on Faversham Creek’s unique historic waterway, is of national and European importance. This industry, jobs and heritage is now under immediate threat.

We, the undersigned, petition Swale Borough Council to protect, preserve and enhance Standard Quay and the Creek environment for the building, restoration, maintenance and berthing of traditional vessels by all means possible including:

1.  Helping to secure the quayside, land and buildings at Standard Quay so that local maritime craftsmen can continue their traditional boatbuilding and apprentice training activities, and Faversham Creek can expand as a national centre for Thames Sailing barge berthing, repair and restoration.

2.  A Guarantee that any future Faversham Creek Development Plan will specifically rule out any possibility of the historic Standard Quay site being developed inappropriately in future – for example for housing, restaurants, cafes, hotels, licensed premises and retail use.

3. Rejecting any proposed change of use for Standard Quay’s quayside buildings, so they can continue to be used for their traditional purposes by maritime craftsmen.

Time is running out…

January 24, 2011

If you would like to Save Standard Quay as it is in the picture above: a living, working boatyard specifically for traditional vessels’ mooring, maintenance and repair and the training of traditional shipwrights; please click on the picture to sign up or email You can also support us by clicking here to sign the ePetition.

(The picture above has been kindly donated to the campaign by Nigel Wallace (, one of the many artists who use the unique environment of the Quay and the living architecture and history of Faversham in their work)

Much more than just a boatyard…

March 16, 2010

Standard Quay provides moorings and repair facilities for traditional sailing vessels and a small number of other historic craft. The two large dry docks are moored permanently at the Quayside and are constantly occupied by Thames Sailing Barges, Dutch Barges, Oyster Smacks. Always being worked on and restored these vessels emerge in the Spring, many rigged with the iconic red sails of the Thames region to sail down the Associate Cinque Port of Faversham’s beautiful winding creek, through the ancient grazing lands and marshy RAMSAR site to the Swale and out to sea.

Standard Quay is home to a unique collection of weatherboarded creekside listed buildings used for over 150 years for marine based trade and industry. It is an historic site of shipbuilding and repair and this tradition continues today. In 1993 Standard Quay (Faversham) Ltd was founded to provide moorings and a repair yard for large traditional vessels and to preserve the Quay itself as a facility for Faversham.