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Thank you

March 16, 2011

Thank you to everyone for all your support at, and leading up to, the meeting last night.

I am not sure, but I think they ran out of chairs. It was certainly a fuller hall than normal!

I think that our message came across and if it did, it’s down to all the support we have had from everyone close to home and around the world.

While I was panicking before leaving the house for the meeting my daughter told me not to read the speech I had sketched out.

“For Goodness sake, I’ve heard you rant endlessly about it. What do you need notes for?”. (she’s a teenager so that’s edited for publication).

A friend reminded me that the real issue here is all the Faversham people who make the Creek what it is. And to crown it all we had a lovely message of support from Brasil just ten minutes before we set off.

All of this, and all of your support over the past few months helped enormously. I am not normally a confident public speaker.

Perhaps the Council will now begin to look for ways in which they CAN help, rather than giving reasons why they can’t.

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  1. Bob Telford permalink
    March 16, 2011 1:36 pm

    Well done last night, You and Brian. I really do believe that you made a deep impression, again, on the members of the council, officers and elected. Peter Raine would not have volunteered to mediate if he thought it was all hopeless. Take up the offer; If it buys time, no-one knows what could happen in the next two years. Judge by results, not by what is said…
    It should also act as a warning to others who may be contemplating inappropriate development; there are a lot of people out there watching. The task has just started, but with the right energy, Faversham Creek can be recovered.
    …and you guys kicked it off, and for the chap who wondered if there would be as much noise without Standard Quay, the answer now is YES.


  1. A splendid new Faversham Creek poster |

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