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One more big push…

February 21, 2011

The epetition is doing well. Over 1000 names now and I hear rumbles and rumours that we are making waves and stirring up action. If we can have one more big push to get the names on the petition over 1500 we can get Standard Quay onto the agenda for a proper discussion. We can let Swale know that Standard Quay as it has developed over the past 18 years HAS been regenerating. It HAS created jobs and skilled training opportunities; it HAS attracted visitors to come and to return again and again; it HAS helped the Town of Favesham to once again become known for its ship-building skills that have not died out here, but now have the chance to flourish again.

We need to let them know loud and clear that it does not need any change of status in the Local Plan – it is well protected in the wording of the 2008 Local Plan which states that the Creek is “an irreplaceable historic asset of great significance”. To read the full text and to see how well Standard Quay is protected under the wording in this plan and how adamant the Council then was that more housing would be absolutely out of the question see here: Faversham Creek Area Action Plan 2008

PLEASE write to the local press to let them know how you feel about the Creek in general and the Quay in particular. That water-based activity needs strong protection and that weakening the wording in the Local Plan, especially changing the flooding designation, encourages developers.

Encourage any interested friends to sign the e petition. Lets have a proper debate about this at Swale. Don’t let compromise kill the Creek.

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